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A professional advanced rootkit and malware detection tool
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SanityCheck is a malware detection application for Windows platforms. The application will scan your running processes and threads to find any application that is installing elements that shouldn't be allowed to run. Malware usually makes your computer slow and puts your sensitive data at risk, so it is a good idea to keep it malware free. SanityCheck has the ability of finding hidden processes and threads running on the background. It does a good job of differentiating which ones are legit and which ones are malware. Also, there is an expert mode that will not only find the threats for you, but will also show you a lot of valuable information for you to pinpoint the cause or origin of the threat. Most of the times, SanityCheck offers suggestions as to how to remove potential threats to your system. Sometimes, as it is expected, it will not be able to. Still, the application does a good job overall. SanityCheck will also look for drivers that contain malicious code. That is the new operational method by malware creators. The latest version of this application is 1.01. However, this review deals with version 1.0.

José Fernández
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